Welcome to SEF-CAD Online!

SEF-CAD (a subsidiary of Southeastern Findings) has expanded our in-house casting and CAD services, making for a strategic partnership to support retail jewelers.

Located in the Metro Atlanta area, SEF has been manufacturing and casting for over 10 years.

SEF’s CAD services make for a “one and done” experience, catering to the customers who know, expect and can discern exceptional quality.

SEF’s EcoAU stamp means we proudly cast all our rings from refined gold. We take the extra steps to make sure your jewelry purchase is not only beautiful, but friendly to┬áthe environment.


Who knew being green could be so beautiful!

SEF’s finishers and setters take the extra time at the work bench to make sure every little detail is properly polished and stones are secure and straight.

SEF’s partnership with Namano Diamonds allows for not only one stop shopping, but competitive diamond pricing.

Let SEF-CAD do the jewelry production and manufacturing, so that you can focus on your customers and growing your retail business.


Email: info@semcoamerica.com

Phone: 1-800-282-8285

Located: 1733 Montreal Circle, Tucker, GA 30084